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per month
Social Media Optimization
8 Facebook Posts
8 Instagram Posts
8 LinkedIn Posts
8 Twitter Posts
YouTube Posts
Search Engine Optimization
5 Keywords
All On-Page Features Included
Off-Page SEO
5 Citations
40 Backlinks
Content Marketing
2 SEO Optimized Blogs
Featured Image for Each Blog
Each Blog Promoted on 6 Sites
Email Marketing
500 Subscribers/Contacts
1 Email Campaign
Paid Campaigns
0 Google Ads Campaign
1 Facebook / Instagram Paid Ad Campaigns
LinkedIn Paid Campaign
Twitter Paid Campaign
per month
Social Media Optimization
20 Facebook Posts
20 Instagram Posts
20 LinkedIn Posts
20 Twitter Posts
1 YouTube Post
Search Engine Optimization
10 Keywords
All On-Page Features Included
Off-Page SEO
15 Citations
100 Backlinks
Content Marketing
4 SEO Optimized Blogs
Featured Image for Each Blog
Each Blog Promoted on 12 Sites
Email Marketing
2000 Subscribers/Contacts
2 Email Campaigns
Paid Campaigns
1 Google Ads Campaigns
2 Facebook/Instagram Paid Ad Campaigns
2 LinkedIn Paid Campaigns
2 Twitter Paid Campaigns
per month
Social Media Optimization
30 Facebook Posts
30 Instagram Posts
30 LinkedIn Posts
30 Twitter Posts
4 YouTube Post
Search Engine Optimization
25 Keywords
All On-Page Features Included
Off-Page SEO
25 Citations
250 Backlinks
Content Marketing
8 SEO Optimized Blogs
Featured Image for Each Blog
Each Blog Promoted on 32 Sites
Email Marketing
5000 Subscribers/Contacts
4 Email Campaigns
Paid Campaigns
5 Google Ads Campaigns
5 Facebook/Instagram Paid Ad Campaigns
5 LinkedIn Paid Campaigns
5 Twitter Paid Campaigns
per month
Social Media Optimization
Search Engine Optimization
Customized On-Page Features
Off-Page SEO
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Paid Campaigns
Custom Google Ads Campaigns
Custom Facebook/Instagram Paid Ad Campaigns
Custom LinkedIn Paid Campaigns
Custom Twitter Paid Campaigns
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Frequently Asked Questions
Read some common questions related to our services and their answers
I have a specific requirements which is not covered in any of the packages mentioned above? Can you help me with it?
Yes. Please talk to us and we will prepare a custom digital marketing plan for you.
How do you support global clients?
We use the latest technology to streamline communication between our experts and the partners. Our team works 24 by 7 so that we can cover clients from all regions.
Do you have experience in our industry?
We have been offering result-oriented digital marketing services to our clients since 2012. We have served more than 1200 clients from almost all industries. Please tell us your area of business so that we can share a relevant industry-specific portfolio with you.
What do you need from our side to get started?
Depending on the nature of services, we share a questionnaire. We also prefer to have a quick meeting after the client fills up the questionnaire. We understand that our clients are super busy in growing their business. Therefore, we utilize our domain expertise to recommend suitable solutions to our clients. However, we do need business-specific information (that we collect through questionnaire) to start the project.
How much time will you take to get the work started?
We start the work as soon as clients fill up the questionnaire and send us the business-specific information. In some cases, where technical expertise (such as creating landing pages, etc.) is needed, we may take around 5-7 working days to start the campaign.
Do you have an in-house team?
Yes. We have a dedicated an in-house team of digital marketing, copywriting and technical experts who will handle your campaign on a day-to-day basis. However, in some cases we do hire domain experts to offer niche requirements from a highly specialized work area.
When do you share digital marketing campaign performance reports?
The frequency of campaign performance reports depends on the individual project. We inform the client in advance about the same. However, in most of the cases, we make a comprehensive monthly report and a weekly progress report to seek client’s feedback.
Can you show a sample report?
Please contact us so that we can share a sample work report that we have done for a client in your industry.
How much return can I expect from our marketing investment?
The return on marketing investment depends on the products/services we advertise. Some of our clients have reported even 500% return on their ad spend. Tell us more about your offerings so that we can estimate the return on your ad spend.
Will you write content or we have to provide it?
We have a team of experienced copywriters who will write the ad copy. They will also proofread the web content or rewrite it from scratch if required. The cost of content developed needed to run a campaign is covered in the packages mentioned above.
Who will design creatives?
Our in-house creative designing team will handle all designing tasks.
What are your payment terms?
For retainership based projects, 50% of the campaign management fee is to be paid in advance while remaining at the end of the month. For a milestone-based payment system, the advance payment to be made for every milestone.
What is your refund policy?
We spend countless hours to ensure the best outcome from our digital marketing campaigns. Also, we maintain full transparency with our clients in everything we do. Therefore, once the project is initiated, refunds can’t be made. However, any advance made towards unavailed services can be utilized in future projects. There is no expiry date for availing the services against advance payments made.