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Hire an expert business plan writer

Writing a solid business plan requires more than just writing skills. Our business plan writers are domain experts in the field of Business Analysis, Research, and Management Consulting.
We are well versed with the concepts of business forecasting, budgeting & business planning, feasibility study, go-to-market strategy, human resource planning, etc.

We have access to premium industry reports and business insights. We use it to make fair assumptions and deliver an accurate and realistic business plan that manifests into a precise roadmap.

Get a well-designed and organized business plan

Numbers make better sense when presented articulately and look pleasant to the readers’ eyes.
We don’t just craft an impressive business plan but also create an exceptional design to ensure maximum impact. We design images, graphs, infographics, and vital insights to increase the visual impact of your business plan. It also saves potential investors’ time as they can capture the required information in a quick glance.

Redefine Your Investor’s Strategy with a Solid Pitch Deck

Pitch your business idea with confidence. Get an outstanding pitch deck and boost your funding prospects. Your potential investors may not have time to read a comprehensive business plan. Thus, crafting an impactful elevator pitch is crucial to spark interest in your company, raise funds, and network with your future business partners.

We cover pertinent information succinctly in the pitch deck and design a layout that resonates with your audience.

Our Business Plan Writing Services

Our business plan writing services are designed to help entrepreneurs, small companies, and even established organizations in turning their business ideas into reality. We combine the strategic aspects with execution challenges to craft a comprehensive document that outlines the essentials elements required to make your business successful.

From Business Plans, One Pager, and Pitch Deck – avail every tool required to take your business to the next level.

Our Business Plan Writing Process

Our business plan and other stuffs

Our business plan writing process is simple yet effective. It is designed to meet the goals in a transparent and efficient manner. We go the extra mile to maintain utmost transparency at every stage of the project. Thus, while we work in the background, the clients can track the work-in-progress in real-time and provide their valuable input to chart the project in the right direction. It offers us the added benefit of maintaining a high acceptance rate of the first draft itself

Step 1: Requirement Gathering

After onboarding a new client, we provide a questionnaire to capture the relevant information about your business idea. After analyzing the initial information and conducting a quick research, we set up a brief call with the client to share our understanding and expert views.

Step 2: Creating an Outline and Detailed Structure

We prepare a table of contents outlining the broad ideas we aim to cover in different sections of the business plan. The detailed structure allows us and the client to visualize the content expected in the business plan. Also, it helps us distribute the work among various experts such as financial analysts, researchers, and business writers.

Step 3: Preparing the First Draft

Upon approval of the table of contents, we proceed with developing the first draft of the document. In this step, we employ chartered accounts and financial experts to devise the budgeting and business forecasting. The financial experts also help us draft financial statements such as Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, Feasibility Analysis, Cash Flow statement, etc.

The first draft includes the unedited content (except Executive Summary or Abstract), all the data and calculations in the raw format, and key insights and recommendations.

Step 4: Revising the Business Plan (Delivering v2.0)

Based on the client’s feedback, we revise the first draft. Once the content is finalized, we move on to writing the Executive Summary. This step requires active involvement from the clients to ensure better output. At this stage, we do expect some iterations due to change in requirements (or putting additional information) from the client’s end.

Note: At the incubation stage, the founding teams are open for new ideas. This leads to a slight change in requirements even after completion of the first draft of the business plan. Keeping that in mind, we have kept our processes flexible enough to adopt such changes and quickly refine the plan based on new developments.

Step 5: Designing the Business Plan and Preparing the Final Draft

All the hard work pays off at this stage when you see the final outcome. The result is an impressive and detailed business plan that paints the exact picture of your business. Our business plan empowers you to show off your ideas to your target audience.

At this stage, we finalize the content and design of your business plan. You will get an attractive PDF file and an editable version, which you can modify from your end.

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