Web Application for a Funded EduTech Startup using ReactJS, NextJS, TailwindCSS, PSQL, Prisma & Heroku

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SixPL team delivered a powerful, secure, scalable & fast web application that handles more than 200,000 active users per month.


A funded EduTech startup based in Delaware, USA


eLearning, Education

Project Goal

To develop and deploy a modern and fast web application where users can login, buy a course, complete it step by step and download the certificate after scoring certain minimum marks.

Our Solution

We use the concept of progressive web app to build the complex app, one unit at a time. We adopted Test Driven Development approach build a bug-free software and reach the milestones faster.

  1. ReactJS, NextJS, TailwindCSS - To build faster front end and better user experience
  2. PSQL - SQL Database for robust and secure backend
  3. Jest - Testing Framework
  4. Heroku - Web App Deployment

Tech/Tools Used

NextJS, TailwindCSS PSQL, JEST, Heroku

Tangible Results

A fast web application that has given stable performance while meeting the stability requirements. The app has shown reliable performance while maintaining a monthly active user growth rate of more than 1000% in the past few months.