Lead Generation Campaign for a Small Real Estate Firm in Hyderabad

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A real estate brokerage firm saw a 600% of Return on Ad Spend in the very first month of the campaign


A small real estate brokerage firm in Hyderabad catering to local residential apartments market.


Real Estate, Residential Housing

Project Goal

To generate leads of first time home buyers in Hyderabad who can afford flats worth more than 65 lakhs.

Our Solution

Since the client didn't have a website and wanted to target audiences based on certain traits, we used Facebook lead generation campaign to maximize response.

  1. Precise Targeting - We did precise targeting and created several custom and lookalike audiences.
  2. Attention Grabbing Creative - A good design is the lifeline of any Facebook campaign. We came up with eye-catchy design to grab attention.
  3. Ad Copy - Compelling ad copy to maximize the impact
  4. Campaign Maintenance - Facebook works best when the campaigns are tweaked and maintained regularly. So, periodically we optimized the campaign to deliver maximum ROI.

Tech/Tools Used

Google Doc, Snagit, Adobe Illustrator

Tangible Results

In a limited budget, we received the following results in the very first month of the campaign:

  1. No of Leads - 123
  2. Site Visits - 19
  3. Final Bookings - 4
  4. Return on Ad Spend ~ 600%