Welcome to New SixPL Website

Welcome to the new SixPL Website.

We have recently redesigned the site. A few pages are still in progress, and we plan to complete them soon.

We revamped the site to improve site loading time and new features to make it more usable for our target audience.

Technology Revamp

The new site is built using the following tech stack:

  • NodeJs
  • ReactJS
  • NextJS
  • Tailwind CSS

What You Can Expect

We plan to add new features which will enable our team to deliver services more efficiently.

Latest Update - Apr 18, 2022

The old website was developed in WordPress. The new tech stack has significantly enhanced the performance.

Some of the key metrics are given below:

  • The mobile loading time is reduced from 5.7 seconds to 2.7 seconds
  • The bounce rate has gone down from 85% to 10%
  • There is some noticeable improvement in the conversion rate, but the data is not sufficient to conclude anything
  • Since we changed the service pages' URL without proper 301 redirects, the SEO has been impacted negatively, and organic traffic has seen a massive decline. But this was intentional. We will write a separate blog on why it was intentional.

Provide Your Feedback

We welcome your feedback about the site. So far, the key feedback has been the simple design of the website. Many users have pointed out that the design looks too simple and old-fashioned. Even though our focus has been to build new features and improve customer experience, we acknowledge this suggestion and would pay more attention to the "look and feel" of the site when we will plan the next major update.

If you have any feedback or if you would like to suggest new features, please send an email to info@sixpl.com.